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Kamran’s experience for over 7 years expertise in both personal and small business taxes which makes him a valuable resource for individuals and companies seeking guidance on tax-related matters. With a deep understanding of the unique tax considerations that apply to individuals and businesses, Kamran is well-equipped to help his clients navigate the complexities of the tax system and ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Reina has been a tax preparer for four years, and she is very good at helping people from all different backgrounds figure out their taxes. She is very good at communicating in both English and Spanish, which makes her a valuable resource for people who may feel more comfortable discussing their taxes in their own language. Her years of experience and fluency in both languages make her a trusted and reliable tax professional in her community.

Usaid's 2 years of tax preparation experience have given him a thorough understanding of tax codes and procedures. Usaid's enthusiasm for his work and commitment to providing excellent service to his clients likely make him a reliable resource for individuals and businesses seeking assistance with their tax-related needs.

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Muhammad Kamran - KAM


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Reina Quinones

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